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Felhandler Steeneken Design hammered Silver Bangle with slate and pyrite stone Vintage Mexican Silver Jewelry Hector Aguilar Circle & Lozenge Sterling Silver & Azure Malachite Bracelet Elaine Felhandler design large glass beaded bead and vermeil necklace
Sue Steeneken design Carved Lavender Burmese Jadeite and Hammered Silver Bangle Bracelet with Star Ruby Cabochon Felhandler Steeneken Design Sterling Silver & Cape Cod Sea Pebble Bracelet Vintage Mexican Silver jewelry Antonio Pineda Sterling Silver and Moonstone Bracelet
Zuni Mosaic Inlay Tabletta Pin with Spiney oyster, mother of pearl, onyx, and turquoise Vintage Mexican Silver jewelry Hector Aguilar malachite and silver cuff bracelet Felhandler Steeneken Gold, Silver and green Jadeite Ram bracelet