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red Mediterranean coral and sterling silver necklace

Mediterranean Red Coral, Bamboo Coral & Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace - This pendant has a 4.35 carat old-stock Mediterranean red coral cabochon in a striking sterling silver setting. The long sterling silver custom chain includes dyed Chinese bamboo coral cube beads set into sterling silver frames.

Size: 30" long

Price: $1500, More Photos and Ordering

Item #10042

Peridot and Vermeil bead necklace

Peridot & Vermiel Necklace has a striking assymetrical composition. The peridot beads are hexagonal in shape. The vermiel elements are made of sterling silver with a 5 micron thick gold plating. It's a one-of-a-kind design.

Size: 22-1/2" long

Price: $475, More Photos and Ordering

Item #10032

amethyst and silver bead necklace and pendant

Sterling Silver and Amethyst Bead Necklace with a cast Sterling Silver Pendant with a fine Amethyst Cabochon. This is an example of a custom commission.

Item #10021, SOLD

Contact Us to order a similar piece.

moonstone, baqnded agate and silver necklace

Sterling Silver, Moonstone and Banded Agate Necklace. Matte finish banded agate disc-shaped bead and sterling silver rondelle bead necklace with an oval white moonstone cabochon overlaid on a teardrop-shaped banded agate pendant. A striking Black and White design.

Item #10024, SOLD

Contact Us to order a similar piece.

Lapis Lazuli and Vermeil necklace

Lapis Lazuli and Vermiel Bead Necklace. Rough lapis beads and vermiel gold nuggets & globes assymetrcially arranged.

Item #10029, SOLD

Contact Us to order a similar piece.

ocean jasper, honey opan and silver pendant

Sterling Silver Pendant with Ocean Jasper & Honey Opal Cabochons and a custom Sterling Silver Chain.

Item #10003, SOLD

Contact Us to order a similar piece.

silver orchid pendant

A One-of-a-Kind cast Sterling Silver "Spider Orchid" Pendant on a Sterling Silver Chain. This orchid was modeled in soft pink wax and then cast into silver.

Item #10011, SOLD